Home Tips

Ten Reasons To Inspect

Safety hazards such as carbon monoxide, fungal growth, faulty electrical wiring and many others can be detected during a quality home inspection.

Powerful Negotiating Tool
A professional home inspection report offers the buyer an opportunity to negotiate repairs and/or a price reduction from the seller.

Predict Future Costs
A professional home inspector will identify the approximate age of major systems in the home. All systems have a life expectancy or shelf life and knowing when these systems will need to be replaced is valuable information when considering to purchase the property.

Determine Deal Breakers Each home buyer has different expectations of a home. The home inspection will show the buyer what issues exist and what needs to be repaired or replaced. If the home buyer is not willing or able to make these changes they can move on with their home search.

Learn to Protect Your New Home
A Professional home inspector is a valuable educational resource. Home buyers can learn a great deal about preventative maintenance during an inspection which can save thousands of dollars in potential repair costs in the future.

Not just Professional, but Objective
Often, people fall in love with a property due to location, finishing’s, landscaping, etc, and may overlook major deficiencies due to an emotional attachment. A quality home inspection will provide the objective facts, as they are, which helps ensure a more informed and rational decision.

Some insurance companies will not provide insurance if certain conditions are found in a home. These conditions can be identified by a home inspector which saves time, money and frustration for the buyer in the future.

Provides an Out
If the potential buyer is not satisfied with the findings of the inspection report and the offer is contingent on a satisfactory inspection, the buyer can cancel the contract.

Second look
In many cases, you may only be in a home for 20-30 minutes before making an offer on the property. Attending a home inspection will give you another opportunity to be in the home for 2-3 hours to take a second look.

Peace of mind
Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that most people will make in their lifetime. A home inspection will show exactly what you are buying, to ensure that there will be no surprises ahead. Sleep well…