Mission Statement

Inspector Daggett, LLC is founded on the core principles of service, integrity, and strong work ethic. Tennessee is a beautiful place to call home, and We are proud to serve the community with accurate residential home inspections, that every new home owner, and real estate agent deserves. We conduct each inspection with the utmost of care, with a commitment to inform, educate, and recommend families how to move forward with their purchase. The greater Nashville community is on the grow, and We plan to impact the market each and everyday, enhancing the growth, one home at a time. We hope to serve you well, and we wish you the best of luck on your future home purchase!

Owner and Operator

“I’m a licensed, and insured home inspector for the State of Tennessee, through the American Home Inspectors Training Institute. I am certified for Radon Inspections, and Residential Home Inspections. My passion for evaluating homes, came through years of flipping properties after receiving my Bachelors Degree from Endicott College of Beverly, Massachusetts. My wife and I reside in Hendersonville, Tennessee and have a beautiful daughter. We enjoy taking the boat out on Old Hickory Lake, sitting poolside, and enjoying the seasons of Tennessee. My work as a home inspector is truly my passion, and I look forward to potentially serving your family!

Mike P Daggett